Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bali - Temples

We visited a number of temples during the various day trips we took to different parts of Bali.  We made a special trip to purchase sarongs on our first full day in Bali (a very interesting negotiating experience); Amelia picked hers out carefully and enjoyed wearing it, while Soren was a bit more skeptical.  Our favorite temple was certainly the holy springs at Pura Tirtha Empul, where Amelia and Soren were fascinated by the worshippers wading into deep pools to drink the holy waters, and the worshippers were equally fascinated by the kids (Soren ended up posing with many of them for photographs).  We also braved Ulu Watu and its famed monkeys, who unfortunately proved as aggressive and unfriendly as we had heard (one of them ended up stealing Uncle Rob's glasses and scratching his face, which put an end to our temple visits)!



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