Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We rarely manage to get pictures of the three of us together, so we have to appreciate them when we do! The first was taken on the boardwalk that connected the town of Zijuatanejo to Playa Madera, where our hotel was. The second was outside our favorite lunch spot, La Rana Rene.


We had lots of terrific meals in Mexico - there was fresh seafood everywhere you went, and who could have guessed that the municipal market would have the best pancakes outside of Philadelphia? Amelia also tried her first Coke at a beachside restaurant. The bubbles were apparently kind of shocking, I think the verdict is still out on Coca-Cola...


It turns out Amelia is not a water baby, at least not this year! We really couldn't convince her to get in the pool at all - she preferred the lounge chairs with her books and stickers. Fortunately we did have a big tub on our balcony, so she got to enjoy taking baths al fresco while we were away.


Amelia had a lot of fun playing in the sand at the various Zijua beaches. She even occasionally ventured into the waves. Our favorite was Playa Las Gatas, a short boat ride away from town. The boat ride was probably the highlight of the trip for Amelia - she's still talking about the boat.

After a long day of playing, Amelia settles into her favorite sleeping position:

Mexico Lindo

We recently returned from a warm and wonderful week in Zijuatanejo, Mexico. Mr. Lloyd felt very welcome at the hotel, the rest of us just had to be happy with the lovely beach and towel art.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Playing with Found Items

We just got back from a fun vacation in Mexico and we'll have some pictures up soon. In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy some pictures that we've taken of Amelia over the last couple of months. She has figured out how to get into some cabinets and other storage areas that we hadn't fully child-proofed and has had fun playing with some of the stuff that she's found.